SCOOP: A Meeting Of The Minds To Occur Between MARVEL & SONY Early Next Year


captain-america-3And the Spider-Man drama continues. Back when all this mess began to unravel, it was said that a meeting was to occur between executives from super hero powerhouse Marvel and the struggling Sony to see if something could be hashed out to include Spider-Man in the MCU. Since then, we’ve heard nothing more on the topic, as the focus has been turned to Andrew Garfield’s status as the web-slinger.

This morning, we come to you bearing a holiday gift in the form of a scoop. According to our sources, a meeting with executives from Marvel and Sony is to be held in January at Pinewood Studios, where the Avengers, along with numerous other popular movies, has been filming. This meeting of the minds will include Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. We don’t have a ton of details, but we should have some “good news” come February, or at the very latest, just before the release of Age of Ultron in May, which makes a little more sense.

One plan, according to the source, is that Marvel would include an after-credits stinger that would center on Spider-Man. As we can expect, filming for Captain America: Civil War is gearing up for a February/March start, so the timing would certainly fit to get something like this filmed. Our source tells us they are prepping 3 stages at Pinewood in anticipation of the Cap 3 project.

Spider-Man Cap

It appears that Feige is very pleased with the direction things are going in regards to a deal with Sony. As we know, Joe and Anthony Russo will be directing the third Captain America film, but they also plan on directing The Gray Man for Sony, before going on to (reportedly) direct Avengers: Infinity War. The plan, according to our insider, is that the Russo Brothers would then tackle a new Spider-Man trilogy, taking on directing and writing tasks. They don’t have anyone cast yet, but they certainly have a list of potentials they are going over once the deal is done.

Kevin Feige is very adamant about one thing: He wants Avi Arad out and Marvel seems to be backing him on this. Should this deal happen, Arad will be nowhere near the Spider-Man movies. However, Pascal and other Sony execs feel he’s a crucial part of the previous Spidey films and feel he needs to stick around.

If you ask this nerd, and many will agree, I feel that Arad has been the one holding the franchise back and that should this deal happen, Marvel will win on that front. Sony is over a barrel and they know they need Marvel to keep Spider-Man relevant at this point.

We’ll be sure to update should we have more information come our way, but it appears talks between Marvel and Sony are far from over and that Marvel is pleased enough with the talks that they are already looking at a list of names to take on the mantle of Spider-Man. Things will need to move quickly once the deal is done in order to be ready for filming in a few short months.

Editor’s Note: This is the same source who provided info on Vision‘s look in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That one turned out to be pretty good. Check that story out from the Comic Book Therapy days.

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